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Around 100 years ago, Kings, Emirs, Potentates and rulers of nearby Middle Eastern countries discovered the benefits of travelling to the mountains of Cyprus as a means of escaping the intense heat of their own countries during the summer months. To a lesser extent it also became part of the social travel circuit of wealthy Europeans.

The village of Platres was the focal point of these visits and consequently all manner of hotels, hostels and taverna's sprung up in what was until then a small, rural farming village. The clean clear air and balmy, moderate temperatures, allied to the scenic beauty of the pine forest surrounded village with its far reaching views to the distant coast, its waterfalls and streams, the variegated flora, the nightingales whose melodious song drew many a famous artist, poet or novelist to use Platres as a base and indeed inspiration for their works; Daphne Du Maurier spent time in the 1920’s in Platres, George Seferis the Nobel prize winning poet, wrote his famous poem 'Eleni' in Platres, whimsically complaining that the nightingales song kept him awake at night. These and many other famous visitors helped make Platres the premier mountain resort of Cyprus.

The advent of international air travel in the 1950’s/60’s ushered in a new era for Platres. The area still retains its popularity as a mid summer resort but now the clientele is mostly Cypriot. Many of the original hotels still exist and all the beauties of Platres remain unchanged.

Platres village is found among the cedar and pine forest of Troodos at 1100m above sea level at a distance of 39km from Limassol and 9 km from Troodos.

The altitude as well as the position of the village are considered ideal for peaceful and quiet holidays, rest and relaxation.

From Platres there is a variety of organised walks to the mountain range of Troodos, the surrounding villages, the famous monastery of Kykkos with its Byzantine museum, the traditional winerys at Omodhos, lace at Kilani and pottery at Phini.

Platres has been a fashionable mountain resort since the early 1900’s attracting visitors from all over the world. The beautiful surroundings, the dense forest of pine and other trees, the unique flora (67 different species being found in this region alone!), make it a favourite terrain for walking, cycling, touring, painting and, just a few kilometers higher up, on Mount Olympus – skiing in winter.

The cherry and apple blossom in spring, the rich fruit harvest in summer and the excellent wines produced in the area, charm and delight everyone visiting Platres. Not for nothing is it known as the village of Kings and Poets. At different times, Kings, Princesses, Poets, Diplomats and many famous people have visited this lovely village and The Semiramis Hotel is there, waiting for you to visit!